Favorable developments expand FDI


Sumary of Favorable developments expand FDI:

  • Favorable local developments enabled net inflows of foreign direct investments (FDIS) to achieve a two-month high in March, enough to raise the year-to-date amount, according to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)..
  • Inflows in the third month of 2021 increased by 139.5 percent to $808 million, up from $337 million a year ago, central bank figures showed on Thursday..
  • “March 2021 FDI increased on account of improved investor sentiment amid the gradual resumption of domestic activities, while adhering to the minimum health standards, and government efforts to accelerate the vaccination program,”.
  • net equity capital investments rose by 52.8 percent to $349 million in March 2021 from $229 million the previous year..
  • “This developed as equity capital placements expanded by 35.9 percent to $377 million (from $278 million), while withdrawals declined by 42.6 percent to $28 million (from $49 million),”.
  • It said Singapore, Japan, and the United States provided the majority of the equity capital placements, which went to two industries:.
  • On the other hand, the uptick in net equity capital investments in March brought the year-to-date contraction down to 4.3 percent from 29.1 percent in February 2021, bringing the total to $721 million..
  • Equity capital placements were $828 million in the first three months of 2021, while equity withdrawals were $107 million….

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