FDA Could OK Pfizer’s Booster Shots For All Adults This Week

fda could ok pfizers booster shots for all adults this week

Sumary of FDA Could OK Pfizer’s Booster Shots For All Adults This Week:

  • 17, 2021 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is poised to approve Pfizer’s COVID booster shots for all American adults as early as Thursday.
  • That would make tens of millions more Americans eligible for the booster doses, sources familiar with the plan told The New York Times.
  • The FDA is expected to make its decision without the input of its own expert panel, while the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s independent panel of vaccine experts plans to meet Friday to discuss the safety and efficacy of the booster dose.
  • If both agencies give Pfizer the green light, it will come just a bit more than a week after the company first applied for emergency authorization.
  • Approval would mean that any adult who received a second dose of the vaccine at least six months earlier would be able to get a booster as soon as this weekend.
  • ‘The reality, however, is that many people have already received boosters in the past several months, even if they didn’t qualify based on the FDA’s initial ruling in September,” Glatter added.
  • “Because multigenerational families living in close quarters may be at higher risk for spread of the virus, seeking boosters before official FDA approval became commonplace, to mitigate risk sooner than later.
  • ” More than 30 million Americans have already gotten booster shots, with the number often outpacing the number of first shots given each day across the country, according to the CDC.

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