Fear of flying is a COVID-era conundrum

fear of flying is a covid era conundrum

Sumary of Fear of flying is a COVID-era conundrum:

  • The airlines argue more is now known about the virus and recent industry-sponsored studies show flying is just as safe as regular daily activities..
  • Both reports modeled disease transmission on a plane, assuming all individuals were masked and the airplane’s highly effective air filtration systems were working..
  • And though public health experts agree that airplanes do have highly effective filtration systems spaced throughout the cabin that filter and circulate the air every couple of minutes, if someone who unknowingly has COVID-19 takes off their mask to eat or drink, there is still time for viral particles to reach others seated nearby before they get sucked up by the filter..
  • And while Wu said he agrees that an airplane cabin is likely safer than other environments, with high rates of COVID-19 in communities across the U.S., “there is no doubt people are flying when they’re sick, whether they know it or not.”.
  • In a recent case, a woman infected with the coronavirus died during a flight and fellow passengers weren’t notified of their exposure….

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