Finland Sees Unprecedented Rise in Domestic Violence Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

finland sees unprecedented rise in domestic violence amid covid 19 pandemic

Sumary of Finland Sees Unprecedented Rise in Domestic Violence Amid Covid-19 Pandemic:

  • According to Finnish police, the country has seen an unprecedented rise in cases of domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic..
  • The police were called to respond to approximately 14,400 more cases of domestic emergencies (a 28 percent uptick) compared to last year and nearly 18,000 more cases of domestic disturbance or disruptive behaviour (27 percent), National Police Board Chief Superintendent Ari Järvenpää said in a press release..
  • While the police expected a decline in alcohol-related crime due to the lockdown, they faced an unpleasant surprise as there was a steady rise in offences such as intoxication, disorderly conduct and drunk driving..
  • In October, the National Institute for Health and Human Services (THL) announced the results of a wastewater study that showed a steady increase in long-term drug use..
  • To urge people to seek help in time and in the right place, the police launched the campaign \Awake!’ It focuses on five phenomena highlighted in the police’s analysis of the corona situation:…

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