‘Florida Man Bad’: Why is US Big Media Trying to Find Faults With Governor Ron DeSantis?


Sumary of ‘Florida Man Bad’: Why is US Big Media Trying to Find Faults With Governor Ron DeSantis?:

  • The report prompted a wave of criticism from social media users with the hashtag #DeathSantis trending on Twitter on Monday..
  • including New York’s Andrew Cuomo, whose office remains under federal investigation over the nursing homes death toll scandal..
  • On 30 March 2021, Yahoo News, Vanity Fair, and a number of other media outlets quoted the American Journal of Public Health’s report alleging that Florida had 4,924 excess deaths from March to September 2020..
  • Furthermore, the media outlet went even so far as to suggest that DeSantis may have exerted pressure on the state’s medical officials to undercount COVID deaths..
  • However, Moosa Tatar, the lead author of the study featured by Yahoo, told National Review that Yahoo’s Alexander Nazaryan incorrectly framed the journal’s analysis as researchers do not yet know how many of the excess deaths could be attributed to COVID, either directly or indirectly..
  • Despite being lambasted by the press for the early re-opening, Florida’s cumulative COVID-related death rate is only 11 percent higher than that of California, the state known for its tough pandemic rules..
  • In addition, Florida’s death rate among seniors is 50 percent lower than New York’s and 20 percent lower than that of California..
  • Florida inoculated more than 3.3 million (or 70 percent) of the state elderly, aged 65 and older, by 4 April 2021, according to the Florida Department of Health..
  • The Federalist suggests the governor’s push to prioritise seniors over all other groups helped reduce the number COVID-related deaths, even as cases nationwide begin to level off..
  • Lowry pointed out that not only Florida’s COVID death rate remained lower than that of New York, but DeSantis has also avoided “the educational and economic downsides of Cuomo policies.”.
  • However, while Cuomo’s nursing home scandal has almost faded away, the press is attacking DeSantis with all guns blazing..
  • © REUTERS / SHANNON STAPLETON Lucy Johnson, 79, receives the second dose of the Moderna coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination shot at the SMH Internal Medicine Practice administered by the Sarasota Memorial Health Care System partnered with Newtown community and church leaders in Sarasota, Florida, February 10, 2021 DeSantis’ ‘Unforgivable Sins’ DeSantis remains an “unorthodox”.
  • in Florida by ruling on 2 April that “individual Covid-19 vaccination records are private health information.”…

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