Force investigates after woman mauled by police dog at illegal rave

Force investigates after woman mauled by police dog at illegal rave

A police force is investigating the conduct of its officers after a woman was left with life-changing injuries after she was mauled by a police dog at an illegal rave on the outskirts of Bristol.

Jessica Mae Andrew, 28, was dancing at a party in Yate at a disused warehouse when she was suddenly attacked, allegedly without warning, as police sought to shut down the event during which hundreds flouted coronavirus restrictions.

She was hospitalised with serious injuries to her leg and foot, including a fractured bone. She required skin and muscle grafts, along with reconstructive surgery. “I know partying is not the thing to do during a pandemic but it was beautiful until the dog attacked me,” Andrew told the Guardian.

Police attended the rave on 31 October at about 10.30pm and formed a cordon to prevent more attendees joining before they cleared the event, seized the generator and arrested eight people. The rave reportedly lasted almost 24 hours and attracted several hundred people, according to the Independent, which first reported the dog attack.

“The officers opened their wall of shields up slightly and the next minute the dog was mauling the top of my leg,” Andrew said. “My leg is totally a different shape now as it pulled so much fat from the top.”

As a result of her injuries, she has had to leave her home on a boat as she is unable to access it and she will begin physiotherapy next week ahead of liposuction and plastic surgery.…

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