France adopts ‘more precise’ strategy to track Covid-19 mutations


Sumary of France adopts ‘more precise’ strategy to track Covid-19 mutations:

  • French health authorities have tweaked their procedures for tracking the progression of coronavirus variants in a “more precise”.
  • Advertising Read more “Today there is an increasing variety of variants, which means that looking specifically for one, two or three variants no longer meets the need for surveillance of the ‘SARS-CoV-2’ variants problem,”.
  • explained in a press conference Sibylle Bernard-Stoecklin, from the Infectious Diseases Directorate at Santé publique France..
  • (the process by which the coronavirus strain changes to take on new variants) in order to track worrying variants more precisely..
  • The list is limited to three because “the more mutations you add to a screening kit, the more sensitivity decreases”, Bernard-Stoecklin said..
  • Firstly, the French analysis laboratories are equipped with different kits, which do not all detect the same mutations..
  • Finally, as the same mutation may be present in several variants, the same screening result could be attributed to different variants depending on the laboratory…

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