Fresh blow for couple separated from baby


Sumary of Fresh blow for couple separated from baby:

  • A devastated Melbourne couple separated from their premature baby while forced to finish quarantine in Brisbane have been dealt a fresh blow..
  • A Melbourne couple have finally been reunited with their newborn baby after they were forced to spend days apart while quarantining in Queensland..
  • But the elation of meeting their little one has come with further complications after Sarah and Moe Haidar were told it would cost $30,000 to airlift their premature baby home to Melbourne..
  • Their son Ilyas was born on May 31 but Moe missed the birth because health authorities in Queensland would not grant him an exemption..
  • A friend has since set up a GoFundMe for the couple to help raise money to pay for them to bring their little one home..
  • “The issue they are facing now is to get baby Ilyas home to Melbourne safely, where they have the support of their family, friends as well as their home and Moe can work to support them financially..
  • Queensland chief health officer Jeannette Young argued just because the couple was vaccinated, it didn’t mean they couldn’t spread the virus…

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