G7 live news: Boris Johnson chairs summit’s opening meeting, saying world should ‘level up’ af …


Sumary of G7 live news: Boris Johnson chairs summit’s opening meeting, saying world should ‘level up’ after pandemic:

  • Boris Johnson crammed quite a lot into the statement he delivered as he opened the first formal meeting of the G7..
  • And it reflects one of the concerns raised by the G7 gender equality advisory council, which is making a presentation to the summit this afternoon (see 11.17am), although there is also copious evidence, in Britain and worldwide, that the pandemic will exacerbate inequalities..
  • and “build back better”, Johnson was deploying Tory slogans, and for a moment it sounded as if he were trying to co-opt the G7 into a party campaign video..
  • Less than two weeks ago Johnson educational recovery commissioner resigned because he thought Johnson was not doing anything like enough to make up for lost learning during the pandemic, a problem set to increase educational inequalities..
  • In 2013 he gave a speech saying “some measure of inequality”, like greed, was, “a valuable spur to economic activity”..
  • Johnson suggested that the austerity introduced after the 2008 financial crash was a mistake, or at least went too far..
  • It is vital that we don’t repeat the mistake of the last great crisis, the last great economic recession in 2008, when the recovery was not uniform across all parts of society..
  • Johnson has said before that he does not like the term austerity, and as prime minister he has shown a desire to increase public spending that shows he is no George Osborne….

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