German flood rescue could spread coronavirus

german flood rescue could spread coronavirus

Sumary of German flood rescue could spread coronavirus:

  • ” New vaccination centers The Health Ministry of NRW voiced the same concerns, describing how many people are being forced to sleep in close quarters in the emergency shelters.
  • To mitigate any new outbreaks, authorities in both states are currently scrambling to establish basic health care infrastructure, including mobile vaccination centers to make up for those now damaged or unusable because of the floods.
  • “The people in the disaster areas surely have very different problems than the coronavirus, I can understand that,” NRW Health Minister Karl-Josef Laumann said in a statement.
  • ” The minister called on everyone in the state get vaccinated.
  • Distancing measures have almost become impossible during the cleanup operations One of many health dangers Health crises following natural disasters are nothing new, and emergency services and authorities would expect such threats, Holger Berens, the chairman of Germany’s BSKI federation for the protection of critical infrastructures, told DW.
  • ” Berens said these issues could outweigh the risk of COVID-19. “In my opinion, these other things are actually the main priority right now, and of course coronavirus is a problem, but for me other things are posing the primary health threat right now,” he said.

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