Good and bad news on DPWH’s EDSA Decongestion Program

good and bad news on dpwhs edsa decongestion program

Sumary of Good and bad news on DPWH’s EDSA Decongestion Program:

  • THERE is good news and bad news about the Department of Public Works and Highways’ (DPWH) EDSA Decongestion Program, a package consisting of 25 projects including 14 expressways covering 121 kilometers and 11 bridges spanning 9.3 kilometers.
  • The bad news is that the program, as currently conceived, will make matters a lot worse by attracting increased private motor vehicle use – generating more congestion and pollution in the process and disadvantaging the majority of Filipinos who have no access to a private motor vehicle.
  • The good news is that these negative results can be avoided with a different approach to DPWH’s urban road and bridge projects.
  • The road and bridge projects need to focus on making walking, cycling and public transport the preferred travel options instead of using a private motor vehicle.
  • The false assumption behind DPWH’s EDSA Decongestion program is that you can solve traffic by building more roads and bridges for cars.
  • Among the many projects in the EDSA Decongestion Program, Skyway 3 was probably the most significant one.
  • We can expect the same result from the new roads and bridges that are being built.
  • Another problem with focusing on infrastructure for private motor vehicles is that it leaves out the majority of Filipinos.

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