Groundbreaking cannabis education for UK healthcare professionals

groundbreaking cannabis education for uk healthcare professionals

Sumary of Groundbreaking cannabis education for UK healthcare professionals:

  • Support Services (CPASS) is launching a new groundbreaking, Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) webinar series on medical cannabis for healthcare professionals in the UK..
  • Support Services (CPASS) series, aimed at nurses and healthcare professionals, is the first of its kind, aiming to bring a more indepth understanding of medical cannabis to the nurse/patient care pathway..
  • This approach is a welcome first for health practitioners in the UK, as medicinal cannabis education expands to reach a more inclusive sector of frontline medics..
  • Leaders from a multitude of disciplines will come together to provide world-class education on medicinal cannabis over the next 12 months, with each event being structured into two parts – the theory behind the benefits of cannabis medicines within key areas of medicine, and the MDT demonstrating how the theory is put into practice..
  • World-class medical cannabis education in the UK Each MDT will feature a specialist consultant, nurse, GP, and pharmacist, all working within the medicinal cannabis field in the UK..
  • Medical hierarchy ruled the day and nurses were never allowed to consider their views as important, despite their role being vital to how patients manage their symptoms..
  • “It is vital therefore, to firmly establish this framework at the very heart of cannabis-based medicine, not only as a way to ensure efficacious and appropriate care for patients, but also to illustrate to healthcare professionals how medical cannabis is and can be prescribed in a real-world setting.”.
  • The aim of the webinar series is to provide practical education for health professionals about the real-life clinical applications of cannabis medicines, however, the sessions will be equally valuable for patients, caregivers, or indeed anyone with an interest in deepening their understanding of how CBMPs can bring symptom relief in a range of indications…

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