HAJI MOHAMED DAWJEE: Don’t do these things over the holidays. Or ever again

haji mohamed dawjee dont do these things over the holidays or ever again

Sumary of HAJI MOHAMED DAWJEE: Don’t do these things over the holidays. Or ever again:

  • But here’s the thing, you have to share massive sticky balls that literally hundreds of other people have touched and stick your fingers into three tiny dark holes.
  • Also, never forget that we once lived in world where we stood in line to wait for assistants to find us a pair of overused stinky bowling shoes.
  • If you are going to risk renting a pair of ice skates so you can waddle your way across frozen water, you may as well just lick the bowling ball.
  • I know you want to dance, hit the club, stand at the sticky bar and drop Jaeger bombs down your throat and now that restrictions have lifted a bit there are certainly a number of people doing that.
  • But dear god, after what we have been through, I just don’t know how people justify walking into a place where masses sweat all over each other in sticky clubs with sticky floors and sticky glasses.

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