‘Hard to spot’: Bad drink habit millions have

Sumary of ‘Hard to spot’: Bad drink habit millions have:

  • Being an alcoholic isn’t always glaringly obvious – you might be surprised to find your own habits even fit the definition, experts say.
  • An alcoholic isn’t always glaringly obvious, and your own habits may even fit the definition.
  • A “functioning alcoholic”, in a nutshell, is a person with dangerous drinking behaviour who is still able to carry out day-to-day tasks, The Sun reports.
  • Not everyone who becomes dependent on alcohol shows obvious signs, such as losing their job or relationship.
  • Functioning alcoholics are highly likely to deny they have a problem with alcohol because they often compare how stable they are compared to a typical alcoholic, UK-based rehab clinic Delamere says.
  • The centre, located in Cheshire, is concerned that its research has shown one-in-four (22 per cent) Brits increased their alcohol intake over the last year.
  • Experts are most concerned about those who already had some problems with drinking before the Covid pandemic hit.
  • Addiction treatment professional, Martin Preston, said: “A functioning alcoholic is a person who suffers from alcoholism but is still able to hold down a job, play a role within a family and to most people, appear to be coping.

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