HBO Doc ‘The Last Cruise’ Gives Insight Into Nightmarish Covid-19 Outbreak


Sumary of HBO Doc ‘The Last Cruise’ Gives Insight Into Nightmarish Covid-19 Outbreak:

  • (Photo by Kazuhiro NOGI / AFP) (Photo by KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP via Getty Images) AFP via Getty Images In the first few minutes of The Last Cruise, a new HBO documentary directed by Hannah Olson, the skies are clear, the waters blue, and aboard the Diamond Princess, aerobics classes involving hundreds are in full swing..
  • The ebullient atmosphere of the film takes a sharp turn when the Diamond Princess returns to Yokohama Port the evening of February 3..
  • Though passengers are scheduled to disembark the following morning, preliminary medical screenings reveal that Covid-19—at the time still without an official name—has been detected on the ship, effectively forcing everyone aboard into a 14-day quarantine..
  • After the Japanese Ministry of Health announces that numerous passengers have contracted the virus, we follow Dede Samsul Fuad, an Indonesian dishwasher, as he wanders the empty halls of the ship restaurant corridor, where he usually works..
  • Similarly but separately, pastry chef Maruja Daya takes in the eerie silence of the high-end shops that have been abandoned in the virus wake—a moment of calm before the storm..
  • Though the Diamond Princess passengers and crew are encouraged to stay calm, sounds of helicopters whirring above and sightings of hazmat-suited health workers milling about the port hint that the situation is more dire than it seems..
  • Like the service workers down below, she and her husband must find ways to cope with the anxiety and dread that weighs heavier with each passing day..
  • But unlike the Frasures, the crew has virtually no means of preventing their exposure to the virus when they’re healthy or isolating themselves when they’re sick, packed as they are into dorm-style accommodations with no windows, bunk beds, and only curtains for privacy….

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