Health experts clash over use of certain drugs for COVID-19

health experts clash over use of certain drugs for covid 19 scaled

Sumary of Health experts clash over use of certain drugs for COVID-19:

  • Health officials around the world are clashing over the use of certain drugs for COVID-19, leading to different treatment options for patients depending on where they live..
  • On Friday, a World Health Organization guidelines panel advised against using the antiviral remdesivir for hospitalized patients, saying there no evidence it improves survival or avoids the need for breathing machines..
  • Within the U.S., a federal guidelines panel and some leading medical groups have not endorsed two other therapies the Food and Drug Administration authorized for emergency use — Eli Lilly experimental antibody drug and convalescent plasma, the blood of COVID-19 survivors..
  • “It not unusual for professional guidelines to disagree with each other, it just that it all under the microscope with COVID-19,”.
  • The WHO guidelines stress that the drug does not save lives, based heavily on a WHO-sponsored study that was larger but much less rigorous than the U.S.-led one that found it had other benefits..
  • Gilead charges $3,120 for a typical treatment course for patients with private insurance and $2,340 for people covered by government health programs in the U.S….

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