Health Officials Advise Biden to Scale Back Covid-19 Booster Shots Plan For Now

health officials advise biden to scale back covid 19 booster shots plan for now

Sumary of Health Officials Advise Biden to Scale Back Covid-19 Booster Shots Plan For Now:

  • WASHINGTON — Top federal health officials have told the White House to scale back a plan to offer coronavirus booster shots to the general public this month, saying that regulators need more time to collect and review all the necessary data, according to people familiar with the discussion.
  • The two health leaders made their argument in a meeting with Jeffrey D.
  • That would include many health care workers and nursing home residents, as well as some people older than 65, who were generally the first to be vaccinated.
  • Administration officials have said that recipients of the single-dose Johnson &
  • Some public health experts have said that by doing so, they increased pressure on scientists weighing the evidence for boosters in their respective agencies to go along with the administration’s strategy.
  • “Now those agencies are in a box,” said Dr. Steven Joffe, a professor of medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • to authorize a booster shot contains insufficient data, one federal official familiar with the process said.
  • Israeli officials say their data shows that the potency of Pfizer’s vaccine wanes over time against severe disease and hospitalization, but that a third shot significantly bolsters protection.

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