High risk of autumn Covid surge in Europe despite drop in infections, says WHO


Sumary of High risk of autumn Covid surge in Europe despite drop in infections, says WHO:

  • Covid-19 infections, hospitalisations and deaths are falling fast across Europe but the risk of a deadly autumn resurgence remains high as societies open up and the more transmissible Delta variant advances, the World Health Organization has warned..
  • “Last summer, cases gradually rose in younger age groups, then moved into older age groups, leading to a devastating … loss of life in the autumn and winter of 2020..
  • Katy Smallwood, senior emergency officer, said the Delta variant first detected in India was of particular concern..
  • “It is not yet prevalent in the European region, but in some countries has already displaced the dominant Alpha variant..
  • Both officials warned that while Europe was vaccinating at a much faster rate, with 30% of people having received at least one dose and 17% fully vaccinated, coverage “was still far from sufficient to protect the region from a resurgence”…

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