How fresh food markets are avoiding Australia’s crippling supply chain crisis

how fresh food markets are avoiding australias crippling supply chain crisis

Sumary of How fresh food markets are avoiding Australia’s crippling supply chain crisis:

  • Markets have plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat available and have largely avoided the supply chain crisis that has stripped shelves bare at the big supermarket chains, according to operators and farmers.
  • Supermarket distribution centres have suffered staff shortages caused by the Omicron wave that has forced as many as a quarter of their workers to isolate, prompting Coles and Woolworths to reinstate purchase limits on some products after panic buying emptied shelves.
  • “The way they purchase has far more flexibility in it than the way the far larger multinational supermarket chains do business,” he said.
  • A crowded Victoria Market in Melbourne, just before Christmas 2021. Photograph: Diego Fedele/Getty Images“Most of them, I’d say the vast, vast, vast majority are actually transporting themselves – they drive their own trucks,” Liacos said.
  • “They are also usually only buying probably two or three days and weeks in advance,” he said.

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