How long does coronavirus immunity last? Some studies suggest months

how long does coronavirus immunity last some studies suggest months

Sumary of How long does coronavirus immunity last? Some studies suggest months:

  • New research is now emerging that suggests a person can have immunity to the new coronavirus as many as eight months after getting infected with the COVID-19 disease..
  • A study by the La Jolla Institute for Immunology was published online this week, in which the researchers tracked 185 COVID-19 patients, most of whom had recovered from mild disease, and found enough immune cells to protect against infection after six to eight months..
  • Another paper published in the Immunity medical journal last month found that people with mild cases can produce antibodies that can help fend off the coronavirus for at least five to seven months after infection..
  • Tam – Nov 1, 2020 Other studies have also suggested long-lasting immunity, which experts say is an encouraging sign and bodes well for vaccine development..
  • “This is important data to take us forward to better understand the long-term response of Sars-Cov-2 or the COVID-19 virus but not definitive at this stage,”…

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