How Peru became the country with the highest COVID death rate in the world

how peru became the country with the highest covid death rate in the world

Sumary of How Peru became the country with the highest COVID death rate in the world:

  • Yet, compared to many other countries, on paper Peru was relatively well-placed to handle COVID.
  • Peru was also one of the first Latin American countries to demand that people stay at home to stop the virus spreading.
  • Unlike in some other badly affected Latin American countries, such as Brazil or Mexico, authorities in Peru didn’t deny the threat of the pandemic.
  • Boris Galperin/Alamy Stock Photo The government had acknowledged that adopting a strict lockdown would be difficult.
  • Peru has a large informal workforce and a fairly limited social security system – meaning that staying at home, off work, would be hard for many.
  • Weaknesses in healthcare Rising cases then revealed structural weaknesses in the Peruvian health system.
  • Similarly, before the pandemic Peru had 29 intensive care beds per million people, below other countries in the region such as Brazil (206), Colombia (105), Chile (73) and Ecuador (69).
  • The health system is also highly fragmented, which has made coordinating the COVID response across the country challenging, jeopardising its effectiveness at protecting the most vulnerable.

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