‘I sit down to rest at 10pm’: the toll on single parents in lockdown

i sit down to rest at 10pm the toll on single parents in lockdown

Sumary of ‘I sit down to rest at 10pm’: the toll on single parents in lockdown:

  • There are days where Julie wakes up and her heart starts pounding straight away.
  • ” Then the Melbourne single mother of two remembers what she’s worried about – money.
  • Families in lockdown are experiencing pressure on all fronts, but for single parents the toll is all the greater without a partner to provide financial and emotional back up, or even just another physical presence in the house to give them precious minutes alone.
  • Many single parents had not recovered from last year’s blows before they were plunged back into lockdowns this year.
  • “The coronavirus supplement is no longer in place for those on single parenting payment meaning those without supplementary income are back living below the poverty line,” says Wood.
  • “Many that supplement parenting payment with income from work will have lost work or hours due to Covid health restrictions.
  • While they may get access to the $200-a-week disaster supplement, it is unlikely to replace the income lost for most so they will also be doing it tough.
  • ”This lack of financial support is hitting single mothers hardest.

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