‘I thought I’d never hear applause again’: Brazilian sambistas rejoice at the return of music

i thought id never hear applause again brazilian sambistas rejoice at the return of music

Sumary of ‘I thought I’d never hear applause again’: Brazilian sambistas rejoice at the return of music:

  • If I want to drink, I’ll drink,” the legendary Brazilian singer Zeca Pagodinho proclaims in one of his best-known sambas.
  • I thought I’d never hear applause again,” said Zeca, who has sold millions of records during his four-decade career and is regarded as the roguish epitome of Brazilian joie de vivre.
  • Now, Zeca is back as a Covid catastrophe that has killed more than 610,000 Brazilians finally relents thanks to one of the largest vaccination campaigns on Earth.
  • “Thank God, things are looking up,” the doubled-jabbed sambista – one of more than 125 million Brazilians who are now fully vaccinated – said last week as Covid restrictions were rolled back and he prepared for his first major show since the pandemic began.
  • “It’s a relief,” said Maria Rita, another revered Brazilian singer who was paying Zeca a pre-concert visit in his vast presidential suite 22 floors above the streets of São Paulo.
  • “It was just me, the bonfire and the moon,” the singer-songwriter remembered of his 15-month rural quarantine, deprived of social interaction, samba sessions and the ability to compose.
  • ”For all Zeca’s enthusiasm about performing again, he voiced disillusionment with the state of his nation, where violence, corruption, hunger and poverty have been compounded by the pandemic and a toxic squabble between friends and foes of the president, Jair Bolsonaro, who critics believe catastrophically mishandled Covid.
  • ”The sambista doubted next year’s election – which polls suggest Bolsonaro will lose heavily to the former leftist president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva – would change much.

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