If I were the next president…


Sumary of If I were the next president…:

  • There are urgent issues that need to be properly focused at and dealt with right at the outset of my administration..
  • As everyone agrees, it is extremely important that the country contains the raging Covid-19 pandemic as quickly as possible to enable the country to start recovering from the economic devastation resulting from the measures applied to control the pandemic..
  • The only way to do all these is to try to achieve herd immunity as early as resolute government action can make it happen..
  • There are two challenging tasks that need to be effectively dealt with to achieve quick herd immunity – accelerating the rate of vaccination and removing people’s hesitancy to vaccination..
  • Currently, based on official pronouncements, the goal is to vaccinate 58 million to 70 million Filipinos to achieve herd immunity..
  • Such vaccination level will also approximate the apparent world standard of 70 percent of population for achieving herd immunity..
  • The target of vaccinating 70 million Filipinos will need the equivalent of 140 million vaccine doses (ignoring for this purpose the use of single vaccines)..
  • Because of the foregoing evaluation, our administration will endeavor to achieve herd immunity by or earlier than June 30, 2023….

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