I’m fully vaccinated but feel sick – should I get tested for COVID-19?


Sumary of I’m fully vaccinated but feel sick – should I get tested for COVID-19?:

  • Whilst COVID-19 vaccines reduce hospitalization by 90%, that does not mean they offer the same degree of protection from getting infected..
  • If a person is showing symptoms of coroanvirus, it is important they still get tested, even if they have been vaccinated, writes physician Arif R..
  • You won’t be at high risk for hospitalization or severe disease, but if you are infected you may pass the virus to an unvaccinated person, who could then get very sick..
  • Vaccination prevents more than 90% of severe COVID-19 cases, but researchers think that only 70%-85% of vaccinated people are completely protected from any infection..
  • The high efficacy of these vaccines in the closely controlled environment of clinical trials matches their effectiveness in real life..
  • It impossible to know whether a person is fully protected or could still develop a mild case if exposed to the coronavirus..
  • When a person gets infected with the coronavirus after being fully vaccinated, this is called a breakthrough case..
  • Breakthrough cases demonstrate a basic principle of infectious disease – whether or not a person gets infected depends on the balance between two factors:…

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