In Lebanon, man selling fake media passes to coronavirus curfew dodgers is arrested

In Lebanon, man selling fake media passes to coronavirus curfew dodgers is arrested

Lebanon entered another COVID-19 lockdown on Saturday, and the Lebanese Internal Security Forces [ISF] have so far fined over 20,000 curfew violators, including around 200 citizens using fake media passes.

As Lebanese continue to suffer from a deepening economic crisis alongside the coronavirus outbreak, where over 110,000 have reportedly been infected and 852 have died, the country went into a two-week near total lockdown November 14.

Dozens of drivers have been found to be carrying fake media passes and journalists’ IDs to dodge corona-curfew when stopped by ISF police checkpoints, local media reported.

Local outlet Al Jadeed TV aired a news report saying that Haidar Husseini made over 40 million Lebanese pounds ($26,317 at the official exchange rate) from selling over 200 fake media passes on a digital platform that bore the stamps of media licensing authorities.

Husseini, who sold fake IDs to individuals wishing to drive during the lockdown, is still in custody and an investigation is pending. The individual had reportedly announced on his Facebook page that he had solutions to how drivers could dodge the curfew by obtaining a media pass.

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As part of national restrictions, cars with even-numbered and odd-numbered plates are designated certain days on which they are allowed to drive. Most shops, companies, businesses, public and semipublic departments have been ordered to close down.

Few professionals were exempted from strict lockdown regulations, including workers in health care, security, military, emergency services, and media.…

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