Infrawatch to NTC: Disclose result of Dito technical audit

infrawatch to ntc disclose result of dito technical audit

Sumary of Infrawatch to NTC: Disclose result of Dito technical audit:

  • “It is the NTC that should explain to the public the actual methodology and results of the second technical audit, because nothing in the audit hews closely to real-world results tested by actual users.
  • We’d like to know in which parallel universe these speed tests were taken,” Ridon, a former member of the Information and Communications Technology committee of the House of Representatives, said in a statement.
  • } He cited the report of OpenSignal that Dito’s download, upload and video experiences declined over the course of several months, while other operators yielded fairly consistent results.
  • Dito Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Santiago had said that “third-party tests were conducted beyond our far points which have resulted in slower speed readings among other reasons.
  • Ridon said that while declining speed and reliability results may reflect a widening customer base, it also reflects the limits of Dito’s infrastructure to cater to more users.

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