Introduction of COVID-19 vaccine passports in the UK may lower vaccination inclination

Sumary of Introduction of COVID-19 vaccine passports in the UK may lower vaccination inclination:

  • Overall, the study found that passports may lower vaccination inclination by 3.6% if introduced for domestic use and 1.7% for international use.
  • Younger adults, Black / Black British groups, and non-English speakers stating lower inclination to vaccinate than others if passports were introduced.
  • However, although vaccine incentivization has been cited as a motivating factor for vaccine passports, it is unclear whether vaccine passports are likely to increase inclination to accept a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • What worries us is the possibility of a ‘vaccine passport paradox’ – a scenario in which passports in the UK may accelerate the rate at which the population is vaccinated while simultaneously lowering the level of that maximum.
  • Related StoriesHowever, the introduction of vaccine passports would likely lower inclination to accept a COVID-19 vaccine once baseline vaccination intent has been adjusted for.
  • Being male and having degree qualifications is associated with a decreased inclination to vaccinate if passports were required while controlling for baseline vaccination intent for domestic use, while Christians have an increased inclination over atheists or agnostics.
  • Alex de Figueiredo said: “Given breakthroughs and high vaccination rates, it is likely that the additional public health burden from the unvaccinated is very small.
  • Encouraging positive public health behaviors regardless of vaccination status such as staying at home if you have symptoms, may yield overall higher public health benefits, without many of the costs.

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