Is the coronavirus vaccine safe?

is the coronavirus vaccine safe

Sumary of Is the coronavirus vaccine safe?:

  • With restrictions imposed on nations across the globe, the development of a vaccine is considered essential to halt the spread of the deadly virus..
  • In the UK we have the University of Oxford vaccine, which works by taking a lesser virus and mutating it so it is no longer harmful Others, like the Modern vaccine in the USA or the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, use synthetic DNA which helps the body created proteins to fight the coronavirus..
  • “The safety of the vaccine is very important, they will take it very seriously because we want a vaccine that works but we want one that is safe.”.
  • Professor Calum Semple, of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), said he had total confidence in the research being done on the vaccine..
  • Most vaccine side effects appear within 60 days of receiving the jab, according to Dr Grace Lee, a professor of pediatrics at the Stanford University School of Medicine..
  • “We could wait six months, a year or two years to have sufficient data, but should we withhold the vaccine from the population for two years because we want perfect data?.
  • DON’T MISSBritain enlisting ARMY of volunteers to deliver incredible jab scheme [PLAN]Coronavirus vaccine BEGINS:.
  • Council building to open as ‘jab centre’ [INSIGHT]Covid vaccine set for roll out in DAYS – Application for Pfizer jab [ANALYSIS] In a White House Task Force briefing, Dr Anthony Fauci sought to quash concerns about the speed at which the vaccine was created..
  • “It was a reflection of the extraordinary scientific advances in these types of vaccines which allow us to do things in months that took us years before.”.
  • Professor Heidi Larson, director of the Vaccine Confidence Project, added the process was able to be shortened by efficiencies that have not been seen before..
  • All coronavirus vaccines will go through a rigorous testing process to ensure they work properly, but are also safe for humans…

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