Jagmeet Singh: the ex-lawyer and TikTok star who could topple Trudeau

jagmeet singh the ex lawyer and tiktok star who could topple trudeau

Sumary of Jagmeet Singh: the ex-lawyer and TikTok star who could topple Trudeau:

  • He’s the most-liked national political leader in Canada, wears sharply tailored suits, has graced the pages of a men’s fashion magazine and is followed by starstruck fans on social media.
  • With Canada heading to the polls after a snap election controversially called by Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, leader of the progressive New Democratic party (NDP), has quickly emerged as the most affable politician in Canada – and a powerful figure who is unlikely to become prime minister.
  • The prime minister is trailing Conservative rival Erin O’Toole by three points.
  • Running on promises to make prescription drugs available to all Canadians, cutting emissions to 50% of 2005 levels by 2030, writing off student-loan debt and tackling inflated housing and rental markets, Singh’s campaign has enjoyed an uptick in support since the election was called in late August.
  • It makes him relatableWave Wyld, social media consultantWith his youth and charisma, Singh, 42, has been compared to Trudeau, a leader criticised for focusing on optics over substance and policy.
  • But at a recent visit to Cowessess First Nation in Saskatchewan, where 751 , Singh drew a stark line between himself and the Liberal leader: “I’m not Justin Trudeau.
  • ”Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Singh spent much of his early life on the move after his father Jagtaran, a psychiatrist, took jobs at different hospitals.
  • Jagmeet Singh’s story of persistence over adversity, and his gift for mingling with crowds, made him a strong favourite when the party voted for a new leader in 2017.But his initial honeymoon was shortlived: veterans of the New Democrats fled amid infighting and backstabbing.

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