Kenya: Four City Restaurants Closed for Flouting Covid-19 Rules

Sumary of Kenya: Four City Restaurants Closed for Flouting Covid-19 Rules:

  • Four restaurants in Nairobi city were Friday shut down by officials from the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) public health department after they were found to be flouting Covid-19 guidelines..
  • The four restaurants — Petma, City Gava, Hot Dishes and Beneve Foods — were ordered closed as the officials began a crackdown on businesses flouting Covid-19 guidelines..
  • “We are inspecting every business that was cleared to operate and if we find any that does not observe the guidelines, we are asking them not to operate until they reorganise themselves and reapply for the licence afresh,”.
  • Mr Kamwaro said they had carried out the crackdown following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive on Wednesday, and after realising that many businesses were not observing the guidelines..
  • The team of more than 250 officials deployed across sub-counties within Nairobi targeted businesses in operation and how they were observing social distancing, wearing of masks and washing of hands….

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