Kokua Line: Can I leave quarantine when the travel rule changes?


Sumary of Kokua Line: Can I leave quarantine when the travel rule changes?:

  • The same is true of interisland travelers subject to quarantine in Maui, Kauai and Hawaii counties before the intercounty travel quarantine is lifted altogether on Tuesday, according to the website..
  • Will nonvaccinated keiki ages 5 to 11 be allowed to travel intercounty (neighbor island) without a COVID-19 test after Tuesday?.
  • The city is no longer doing mail-in license renewal for drivers 72 and older, and the governor says it unlikely he will extend licenses past Aug..
  • You are referring to the fact that Honolulu County appointment system (alohaq.org) won’t let a person make an appointment to renew their Hawaii driver license if the expiration date is more than three months away;.
  • “HRS S286-107 states, ‘the examiner of drivers may accept an application for a renewal of a driver license made not more than six months prior to the date of expiration.’ This language indicates the earliest date for and the period for driver license renewal..
  • The expiration checker, on AlohaQ, is in place to give priority to those with expired licenses and IDs or will expire within three months..
  • We have added standby service and daily appointment additions to accommodate all customers six months in advance of the expiration date if they cannot book an appointment on AlohaQ..
  • due to last-minute cancellations and no-shows for bookings on the following day at three locations — the Kapolei, Koolau and Kapa­- lama driver licensing centers….

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