Kokua Line: Some jobless with pending claims will have appointments for help canceled


Sumary of Kokua Line: Some jobless with pending claims will have appointments for help canceled:

  • I went online to make an appointment to talk to unemployment, and it said my appointment will be canceled if I have a “pending issue.”.
  • We heard similar complaints from numerous other readers Monday, the day Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations opened an online reservation system for claimants to communicate with staff in the Unemployment Insurance division..
  • If your claim has pending issues your appointment will be canceled and a Claims Examiner will contact you at a future date.”.
  • We followed up with Bill Kunstman, a spokesman for the department, who said that pending issues requiring investigation (also known as adjudication) would result in the appointment being canceled..
  • For example, this reservation system should not be used by claimants who know they are pending (unpaid) due to an overpayment, as those cases must be handled by an examiner, he said..
  • “If an individual signs up for an issue that requires an investigation, the appointment will be canceled, which will free that appointment for another claimant,”.
  • We asked how long it would take an examiner to contact a claimant whose appointment is canceled, but Kunstman said it was impossible to generalize “because the claimant that signs up for such an appointment could have an issue requiring adjudication from September 2020 or yesterday.”.
  • “The processing staff will make note of the request in the claimant file so when the claims examiner begins the investigation they will have that note for reference,”…

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