Kokua Line: What type of ID works for Safe Access Oahu?

kokua line what type of id works for safe access oahu

Sumary of Kokua Line: What type of ID works for Safe Access Oahu?:

  • A: Identification for the purposes of Safe Access O‘ahu must contain either the holder’s name and photo, or their name and date of birth, according to oneoahu.
  • Examples of acceptable forms of ID include but are not limited to: driver’s license, nondriver government ID card, passport or school or work ID card, the website says.
  • To answer your last question, yes, your daughter should be eligible for a state ID, assuming she lives in Hawaii.
  • State IDs may be issued to Hawaii residents age 10 and older, according to Honolulu County’s Department of Customer Service.
  • Although many schools issue photo IDs or IDs that contain the student’s birth date, not all do, according to those readers.
  • A: No, there’s no grace period for driving with an expired license — you can be ticketed right away, the Honolulu Department of Customer Services says on its website.
  • If you renew your expired Hawaii driver’s license within 90 days of its expiration date, you won’t pay any additional renewal fees, the department says.
  • Once a Hawaii license goes a year past its expiration date, the holder must retake the written test and road test, the department says.

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