Kokua Line: Will a digital photo of my CDC card suffice for Safe Access Oahu?

kokua line will a digital photo of my cdc card suffice for safe access oahu

Sumary of Kokua Line: Will a digital photo of my CDC card suffice for Safe Access Oahu?:

  • Question: If I do not opt in for the state’s SMART Health Card, can I show a photo (on my cellphone) of my COVID-19 CDC vaccination card instead of showing the actual vaccination card to comply with the Safe Access Oahu program?
  • Your question makes the distinction between Hawaii’s SMART Health Card, which businesses may prefer as proof of COVID-19 vaccination because it can be verified at a glance, and other forms of documentation.
  • Businesses covered by Safe Access Oahu may accept Hawaii’s SMART Health Card or other records that demonstrate the bearer is fully vaccinated against the disease.
  • Hawaii-approved digital/smart device application confirming full vaccination status.
  • This includes proof of a vaccine exemption within Hawaii’s Safe Travels digital platform or a Hawaii SMART Health Card QR code for verification result.
  • Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) report Based on the descriptions and definitions on the website, a hard copy or digital photograph of a DOD DD Form 2766C also should be accepted for military members, military dependents or Department of Defense employees vaccinated at military facilities.
  • Although that form is not listed as an example, it is approved for use by the state DOH as proof of vaccination in the state’s Safe Travels platform.
  • Q: Regarding the SMART card, that does seem like the easiest way to go because then I don’t have to carry my actual CDC card around and I don’t think they ask for a lot of other information like those commercial apps.

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