Labor department issues emergency rules to protect health care workers from Covid


Sumary of Labor department issues emergency rules to protect health care workers from Covid:

  • Labor Department officials on Thursday announced a temporary emergency standard to protect health care workers, saying they face “grave danger”.
  • The new standard would require employers to remove workers who have Covid-19 from the workplace, notify workers of Covid exposure at work and strengthen requirements for employers to report worker deaths or hospitalizations to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration..
  • “These are the workers who continue to go into work day in and day out to take care of us, to save our lives,”.
  • The new rules are set to take effect immediately after publication in the Federal Register and are expected to affect about 10.3 million health care workers nationwide..
  • The government’s statement of reasons for the new rules cites the work of KHN and The Guardian in tallying more than 3,600 health care worker Covid deaths through April 8..
  • Journalists documented far more deaths than the limited count by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which through May tallied 1,611 deaths on case-reporting forms that were often incomplete..
  • It also found that health care employers were often remiss in notifying workers about exposure to the coronavirus on the job..
  • The rules require workers to wear N95 or elastomeric respirators when in contact with people with either suspected or confirmed Covid….

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