Lebanon’s vaccine rollout neglects migrant workers, refugees: Human Rights Watch


Sumary of Lebanon’s vaccine rollout neglects migrant workers, refugees: Human Rights Watch:

  • Lebanon vaccine rollout is at risk of marginalizing refugees and migrant workers who make up a third of the crisis-hit country population, Human Rights Watch warned on Tuesday..
  • “With one in three people in Lebanon a refugee or migrant, a third of the population risks being left behind in the vaccination plan,”.
  • In February, Lebanon started a mass vaccination campaign that Health Minister Hamad Hassan said would cover everyone living in the country regardless of their nationality..
  • Only 233,934 doses have been administered as of April 5 mostly due to the limited quantity of vaccines available, HRW said..
  • More than 19,900 Palestinian refugees and health workers and 6,701 Syrian refugees are eligible in the first phase of the vaccine rollout, HRW said..
  • Citing data collected by the United Nations, it warned that “Syrian and Palestinian refugees have died from COVID-19 at a rate more than four and three times the national average, respectively,”.
  • Official estimates put the number of Palestinian refugees in the country at 180,000 but the actual number could be as high as 500,000..
  • The pandemic piled new misery on a country already grappling with its worst economic crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war…

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