Life-saving equipment lying unused

life saving equipment lying unused

Sumary of Life-saving equipment lying unused:

  • At a time when intensive care unit (ICU) support is so much in need, a state-of-the-art ambulance worth Tk 1.5 crore has just been lying idle at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) for over two years.
  • The air-conditioned ambulance, which can provide mobile ICU support to patients, did not carry a single person since it arrived at RMCH.
  • According to hospital officials, the ambulance was sent to RMCH in May, 2019, after it was procured for Tk 1,50,44,855 by Director General of Drug Administration.
  • Operating the ambulance and its equipment requires a skilled team of doctors and nurses, and a policy on how to operate, RMCH Director Brig Gen Shamim Yazdani told The Daily Star.
  • “We could not prepare the required team and policy, as we had to deal with the surge of Covid-19 patients,” he said, adding that they could not fix allowances of doctors and nurses for this service or the ambulance fare in time.
  • During a recent visit to RMCH, this correspondent saw ambulance driver Ashraful Ali opening the garage, switching on the ICU ambulance, and powering up electronic equipment inside the vehicle.
  • The ambulance has some 40 kinds of life-saving apparatuses, including mobile ventilators, an ECG monitor, a defibrillator, suction unit, nebuliser, and an oxygen supply unit, hospital officials said.
  • Half an hour later, the ambulance driver powered everything down and came out, closing the garage’s shutters.

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