Long covid symptoms: Woman tells of horrifying hair loss after catching Covid


Highly infectious mutations of coronavirus have been causing chaos across the globe, driving up the rates of hospitalisations as they sweep through populations. Although they are not presently known to cause distinct symptoms, their transmissibility has caused a surge in symptomatic cases. This has placed renewed focus on the vast warning signs of COVID-19. 

Reports continue to expand the catalogue of possible warning signs linked to the virus.

One woman’s testimony has brought a lesser-known symptom to people’s attention – hair loss.

Abby Read, 45, developed the peculiar symptom after after her two daughters, who she lives with, tested positive for COVID-19.

Back then routine tests were not available, especially for those who did not develop common symptoms.

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“I have long hair which I couldn’t wear down anymore. I had to style my hair in way to disguise the bald patches.

“I had not heard of it being a Covid symptom, but when I did some research online I read a report that said 22 per cent of women who have Covid suffer hair loss.”

After consulting her doctor, Abby was prescribed topical corticosteroids – anti-inflammatory medications used to treat hair loss…

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