Low GP rate could affect booster program

low gp rate could affect booster program

Sumary of Low GP rate could affect booster program:

  • Andrew BrownAAPCamera IconThe AMA says GP clinics could pull out of the booster scheme due to lower payment levels.
  • Australian Medical Association vice-president Dr Chris Moy warned GP clinics could pull out of the booster scheme due to lower payment levels from the federal government for doctors to administer the doses.
  • “Under the current scheme, GPs are able to receive about $30 to deliver the first vaccine dose and a further $24 for the second.
  • Clinics also receive about $10 on top of that from the commonwealth should a patient get both doses at the same clinic.
  • However, GPs participating in the vaccine rollout only receive the lower amount of about $24 for a booster shot.
  • Dr Moy said the lower rates to give the top-up shots and some of the high costs associated with running a vaccine program could lead to some GPs no longer being involved in the booster program.
  • More than 250,000 COVID-19 booster shots have been administered since it was approved by the medical regulator.
  • A third dose of the Pfizer vaccine has been recommended to people for additional protection if it has been more than six months since their second vaccine dose.

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