Low risk of catching COVID from clean loo

low risk of catching covid from clean loo

Sumary of Low risk of catching COVID from clean loo:

  • COVID-19 has seen many plans go down the toilet, but an Australian-led study shows public loos pose little risk of catching the virus.
  • Led by Australian National University Professor Sotiris Vardoulakis, researchers found no evidence of airborne transmission for pathogens such as COVID-19 in public toilets.
  • The peer-reviewed study, published in Science of Total Environment, analysed 38 studies from 13 countries published from 2000 to 2020 to determine public toilets’ risk of viral and bacterial transmission.
  • It looked at several possible transmission modes in public washrooms including inhalation, surface contact and faecal-oral.
  • There was some risk of aerosolisation from toilet flushing and the use of hand drying systems in public toilets, the authors said, but the chances of transmission were deemed low as long as good hand and bathroom hygiene were maintained.
  • “We realise people are worried about using public washrooms during the pandemic,” Prof Vardoulakis said in a statement on Thursday.

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