Major, 3 other police officers face charges at Napolcom


Sumary of Major, 3 other police officers face charges at Napolcom:

  • Ruel Albano, deputy chief of police at Urdaneta City Police Station, and Master Sergeant’s Noli Teope, Edgar Allan Elogores and Jojo Mayo – all assigned at the UCPS – are being investigated by the regional office of the National Police Commission (Napolcom)..
  • Rivera cited strong evidence that he said warrants the investigation of the charges filed against the respondents and assured the complainant he will issue an order for a probe once he receives their answer..
  • Doriano told Campos and Rivera that Vice Mayor Jimmy Parayno allegedly gave them permission to allow gambling during the wake..
  • The councilman and the watchman reported what they found out to Pascua, who then called the Urdaneta City Police Station to report the alleged gambling at the wake..
  • After several minutes, Albano and some policemen arrived at the barangay hall of Palina West with Pascua and proceeded to the wake, where they saw gamblers playing tong-its, lucky nine, mahjong and pusoy..
  • Pascua asked the policemen to arrest the gamblers, but Doriano intervened and blocked the way of the policemen and talked to Albano..
  • Albano allegedly grabbed Pascua and brought him outside the area where the wake was being held and also allegedly told the barangay captain, “Wala silang ginagawa na krimen, kaya manahimik ka na (They are not committing any crime, so you just keep quiet).”…

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