Manitoba Human Rights Commission ‘monitoring’ province’s COVID-19 vaccination card, incentives


Sumary of Manitoba Human Rights Commission ‘monitoring’ province’s COVID-19 vaccination card, incentives:

  • The Manitoba Human Rights Commission says it monitoring Manitoba move to issue cards confirming full immunization against COVID-19 and launch incentive programs to encourage vaccination..
  • In a statement Thursday, the commission said it was reminding government — as well as employers, service and housing providers — of their “obligation to respect human rights when imposing vaccination requirements / requiring proof of vaccine.”.
  • It says requiring individuals to produce proof of COVID-19 vaccination to access employment, public services or housing could result in discrimination based on disability, religious belief, political belief, social disadvantage and age..
  • “Requiring individuals to be vaccinated and produce proof of vaccine may also negatively impact individuals who cannot equitably access vaccination and other public health resources for reasons related to disadvantage, including houselessness and poverty,”.
  • On Tuesday, the province unveiled a new proof-of-immunization card, available to all Manitobans two weeks after they receive their second dose of vaccine..
  • Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister left open the possibility of using the cards to also determine access to major sporting events, museums and other facilities..
  • On Wednesday Pallister also announced a lottery for all people who have received two doses as a way to boost vaccination rates..
  • Alternative approaches to the vaccine requirement must have been investigated and considered as well, the commission said….

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