Maori tribe tells anti-coronavirus-vaccine protestors to stop using haka ritual

maori tribe tells anti coronavirus vaccine protestors to stop using haka ritual

Sumary of Maori tribe tells anti-coronavirus-vaccine protestors to stop using haka ritual:

  • The Maori tribe that owns rights to the “Ka Mate” haka told anti-vaccine protesters Monday to stop performing the famous ritual at demonstrations.
  • The Ngati Toa — a tribe or iwi in Maori — is recognized under New Zealand law as the cultural guardian of the Ka Mate haka, which has featured prominently at recent protests against coronavirus-related restrictions.
  • “Ngati Toa condemns the use of the Ka Mate haka to push and promote anti-Covid-19-vaccination messages,” the tribe, based just outside Wellington, said in a statement.
  • “We insist that protesters stop using our taonga (cultural treasure) immediately.
  • Ka Mate is Ngati Toa’s haka, composed by the warrior chief Te Rauparaha around 1820 to celebrate his escape from a rival tribe’s pursuing war party.
  • Parliament passed a law in 2014 recognizing Ngati Toa as custodians of the haka, although the legislation does not include penalties if it is misused.
  • Ngati Toa chief executive Helmut Modlik criticized anti-vaccine protesters for putting individual wishes ahead of the greater good.

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