Melbourne’s mask rule: is there evidence Covid spreads outdoors and how does it occur?


Sumary of Melbourne’s mask rule: is there evidence Covid spreads outdoors and how does it occur?:

  • Hours before Victorians came out of lockdown this week, the acting premier, James Merlino, announced a rule scheduled to end would instead remain in place..
  • Health authorities backtracked on the plan to lift the mandatory requirement after four members of the same family tested positive to Covid..
  • It led to health authorities being pressed on why outdoor masks were required when transmission throughout Victoria most recent outbreak had occurred indoors – whether in stores, family homes, or workplaces..
  • Victoria Covid-19 testing commander, Jeroen Weimar, confirmed “we have no evidence that we’ve seen yet, in this particular outbreak or the most recent ones we’ve dealt with, of outdoor transmission”..
  • Outdoor transmission can and does occur Though seemingly not a factor in Victoria situation, outdoor transmission does occur and it is something Victorian authorities clearly want to avoid after managing to get down to a day of zero new cases of community transmission on Friday..
  • Perhaps the most notable example is the September White House event that occurred outdoors in the Rose Garden, and which saw a dozen people test positive within days, including the then-US president, Donald Trump..
  • Restrictions still in place in Victoria mean people can only gather outdoors in public places in groups of 10, and even then must take precautions..
  • Prof Tony Blakely, an epidemiologist and public health medicine specialist, said just because no cases of outdoor transmission had been recorded in Victoria, it did not mean it had not occurred during outbreaks….

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