Merkel bids politics goodbye

merkel bids politics goodbye

Sumary of Merkel bids politics goodbye:

  • GOODBYE German Chancellor Angela Merkel waves in front of the traditional Christmas tree put up at the Chancellery on Wednesday, Nov.
  • Merkel will end her 16-year reign as German chancellor on Nov.
  • 27, 2021. AFP PHOTO BERLIN: She was called “the leader of the free world” against authoritarian populists on the march in Europe and the United States, but Angela Merkel is wrapping up a historic 16 years in power with a mixed legacy at home and abroad.
  • In office so long, she was dubbed Germany’s “eternal chancellor,” Merkel, 67, leaves with her popularity so resilient she would likely have won a record fifth term had she sought it.
  • Instead, Merkel will pass the baton as the first German chancellor to step down entirely by choice, with a whole generation of voters never knowing another person at the top.
  • Her supporters say she provided steady leadership through countless global crises as a moderate and unifying figure.

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