Michigan unemployment is revised higher, above US rate

Sumary of Michigan unemployment is revised higher, above US rate:

  • (AP) — The federal government on Wednesday corrected Michigan’s unemployment rate upward by 1.7 percentage points, above the U.S. average, citing an outlier in statistical modeling last winter — amid sharp job swings during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • State officials said they notified the agency of the issue in May.
  • Scott Powell, director of the state’s Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives, said it was a “red flag” that the agency continued to notice in subsequent months.
  • The U.S. government will update the state’s monthly jobless rates for January through August at the end of the year and release them in March.
  • Due to the pandemic, the federal agency began reviewing states’ surveys monthly for unusual movements rather than yearly and, in January, adjusted the Detroit area for an outlier — a way to preserve a shift that the model otherwise would have discounted.

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