Microtissue system allows study of deadly lung disease

microtissue system allows study of deadly lung disease

Sumary of Microtissue system allows study of deadly lung disease:

  • Because of this, standard 2D cell culture models used for drug screening tend to perform poorly when predicting response to potential therapies.
  • Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and rising air pollution levels, incidence of IPF is anticipated to rise, urgently increasing the need for strong model systems.
  • The platform enables measurement of cell behaviors and microenvironment changes involved in the disease progression of IPF, and the platform’s size and simplicity make it suitable for use in high-throughput drug screening protocols.
  • ” Unlike rodent IPF models that do not mimic progressive disease and other cell culture systems that lack the surrounding microenvironment, their microtissue platform allows study of fibroblasts within an extracellular matrix (ECM).
  • Changes in the ECM are a hallmark of IPF, so the system allows more relevant functional outputs.
  • ” Validation of the system’s functioning focused primarily on ECM remodeling (i.
  • Multiple tests for each of these two functions demonstrated the system robustly quantifies key aspects of fibrosis.

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