Morrison has finally embraced ‘informed consent’ for AstraZeneca, what took him so long to take …

morrison has finally embraced informed consent for astrazeneca what took him so long to take atagis advice paul karp

Sumary of Morrison has finally embraced ‘informed consent’ for AstraZeneca, what took him so long to take Atagi’s advice? | Paul Karp:

  • For weeks, Scott Morrison has been huffing and puffing that he couldn’t defy medical advice about the safety of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine.
  • Despite that black and white view, the prime minister has finally found there’s more nuance to the question – and it was there in the medical advice all along.
  • On 8 April, the Australian government radically overhauled the Covid-19 vaccination program after advice from its immunisation experts warning people under 50 that AstraZeneca could cause rare blood clots.
  • The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation’s advice was most commonly summarised as a simple warning: that people under 50 should not take AstraZeneca.
  • When Morrison was still in blame-shifting mode, he suggested Atagi’s advice was based on an “assumption that the cases in Australia would remain low”.
  • Although Atagi’s balance of the risk and benefit of AstraZeneca was made at a time of low cases – the original advice explicitly warned low cases might not continue for ever.
  • In April, the government suggested that people under 50 would need to speak to their GPs before taking AstraZeneca.
  • On Thursday, the Morrison government expanded access to AstraZeneca at pharmacies – prompting one journalist to question whether this was in contradiction of Atagi advice.

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