Must-have eye care during and beyond pandemic

must have eye care during and beyond pandemic

Sumary of Must-have eye care during and beyond pandemic:

  • Common routes of community transmission occur through respiratory droplets, but the virus can also spread through the eyes, prompting medical professionals to advocate daily eye care and protection to keep us and our loved ones safe.
  • Eye Mo, a household brand in the Philippines for more than 50 years, recently launched Eye Mo Daily Care that can clean the eyes from irritants such as smoke, pollution, dirt and unseen particles, and at the same time, relieve itchiness.
  • “Eye Mo Daily Care can also be a solution for itchy eyes due to prolonged contact lens usage,” said Weitarsa Hendarto, senior vice president for marketing and operations of Combiphar.
  • } Eye Mo’s endorser, trusted and respected young actor Ken Chan, advocates daily eye care and is aligned with the brand’s thrust of providing accessible eye care solutions.

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